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Project Description

Transport and storage box with integrated filter system for critical lithium-ion batteries.

The SEDA StrainBox enables critical lithium-ion batteries to be transported and stored safely in accordance with ADR and safely stored. For this purpose, it has an integrated filter system that filters out and neutralizes a large part of the toxic gases and prevents the escape of solids, liquids and flames from the box.

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Strainbox Intro - SEDA StrainBox
Strainbox Intro - SEDA StrainBox


  • ADR-compliant transport of critical lithium-ion batteries

  • Neutralization of the harmful gases that occur

  • Absorption and dissipation of thermal energy

  • Retains liquids, solids and flames

  • No dusting fillers

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Item number

N-527741 SEDA StrainBox M
N-527742 SEDA StrainBox L
N-527743 SEDA StrainBox XL

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