Equipment for Professional Vehicle Dismantling

SEDA’s systems and equipment are perfect for the professional dismantling of vehicles for parts resale. Many recyclable scrap resources are valuable, which makes it important to remove them from cars completely. Amongst them are, e.g. airbags, glass and tires for which SEDA has developed specialist equipment.

Systems are complete solutions for recycling scrap parts. Anything is possible – from small operations to conveyor line solutions. Airbag recycling includes all equipment and tools needed to neutralize multiple or individual integrated or removed airbags. It is hard to imagine a modern recycling operation without the equipment SEDA has developed for breaking or cutting glass. Tire recycling encompasses the complete (100 %) destruction of rims and tires. Both storage and transport are also important components of recycling: SEDA’s practical solutions make them even easier: The SafetyBox and stackable Motor Box are just a couple of examples.