Airbag Recycling | Airbag Deployment

///Airbag Recycling | Airbag Deployment
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Airbag Recycling / Airbag Deployment with effective equipment

For safe the neutralization of multiple airbags installed in a vehicle SEDA has developed the Airbagmaster and the Multiplex, for individual neutralization and for recyclers with low airbag volume the Singleplex START. In dismantled situation the airbag can be neutralized in the airbag neutralization cabin. For safe storage or transportation there are the safety boxes.
Airbag Deployment made easey with equipment from SEDA.


SEDA AirbagMaster for airbag detonation

For the first time ever, there is now a collective tool from all members of the ACEA for on-board airbag detonation. The AirbagMaster has been specially developed for the recycling industry and serves to detonate all pyrotechnic components in vehicles in a safe, controlled manner.