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More than 40 years industry experience, professional technology and innovative product solutions have made us the worldwide leader in car recycling equipment and products.

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SEDA – Modern car recycling with innovative technology

SEDA is one of the pioneers of vehicle depollution equipment and provides a broad spectrum of car depollution equipment, testing and automotive dismantling equipment. Take advantage of our expertise, based on decades of technical knowledge and practical experience.

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SEDA’s wide range of products and services

Our business began over 40 years ago with a vision – to protect the environment from hazardous waste caused by end-of-life vehicles. This fundamental idea should not be limited to a single country. It should be implemented worldwide. That is why every one of our products and services is centered on the environment. By the same token, we also place great emphasis on manufacturing products that match your needs and requirements in order to produce an optimal combination of safety, economy and environmental sustainability.

Our array of products offers you a complete range of systems and vehicle depollution equipment:

All of SEDA’s vehicle depollution equipment products are easy and safe to operate, as well as dependable and environmentally friendly. However, we have not limited ourselves solely to sales – we also offer you a large range of services for our products.

Comprehensive consultation, e.g. regarding integration into your recycling operation, planning support and training are just some of the components of SEDA services.

High grade technological and ecological car recycling

Automotive parts and liquids from end-of-life vehicles account for waste in the millions of tons range. It is now more important than ever to utilize elv depollution equipment that is ecologically sound in order to remove hazardous waste and return elvs into the recycling process. With SEDA, you know you have a partner with experience. We offer you the leading products worldwide and are continually developing new technology in order to make car recycling more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our high automotive dismantling equipment not only conforms to the stringent European standards for elvs: We set new standards in order to provide you with the car depollution equipment you need as dependable recycling professionals. SEDA offers you more than just elv depollution equipment – you can count on our whole line of products to ensure quality, efficiency and safety.

Customers Worldwide

Profit from our international network

References such as Daimler, MAN and Würth speak for themselves. These and many other renowned companies trust and depend on SEDA equipment. We not only have an international distribution network of trained importers; we also have numerous subsidiaries all over the world, in the Netherlands, Japan, USA and China among others. Our local partners provide optimal support and consultation as well as fast service.

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