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Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries and battery storage systems

Extinguishing aerosol is a mixture of gas with solid microparticles based on potassium carbonates.

Titel - SEDA HV Aerosol extinguishing systems
Titel 300x225 - SEDA HV Aerosol extinguishing systems


  • Fast and lasting extinguishing success

  • No dangerous cross-reactions

  • Can be retrofitted, simple installation

  • Easy to maintain

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Item number

N-527950 Aerosol extinguishing system RSL100CR005
N-527951 Aerosol extinguishing system WX3000
N-527952 Aerosol extinguishing system RSL3500
N-527953 Aerosol extinguishing system WX5700
N-527954 Aerosol extinguishing system RSL6300C

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Info sheet

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