Project Description

The SEDA Mobile Battery Monitoring (BME) was developed to monitor the storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries or electric vehicles. The BME significantly increases the safety of non-critical and critical energy storage devices. The following data is measured, monitored and evaluated.

What can be measured:
• T hermal Runaway
– Carbon Monoxide (CO)
– Hydrogen (H2)
– Smoke
• Temperature behaviour of the battery
– 4 x temperature sensor (NTC )
– Outdoor temperature
• Environmental conditions
– Ambient temperature
– Air humidity
– Air pressure

BME Titel - SEDA Mobile Battery Monitoring
BME Titel - SEDA Mobile Battery Monitoring


  • Traceable data recording (logging on SD card)

  • Active battery monitoring (battery pass suitable)

  • Extensive alarm management (call, SMS, e-mail)

  • Limit values can be set as desired

  • Direct power supply via 230 V external power supply unit or integrated battery 18V battery life +7 days

  • worldwide online (LTE)

  • exact positioning (GPS)

  • Probe optionally integrated or external, cableconnected, for special applications (e.g. metal containers)

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N-54039 SEDA BME
Mobile Battery Monitoring

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