Adapters are required for coolers with very small openings.
Adapter cables are needed for the connection of the SEDA AirbagMaster and the plug of the control unit.
With the help of an adapter ring plugs can be used also for fluid reservoirs (coolant water).
In connection with a fuel suction hose an adapter kit helps to suck off the fuel out of the tank line.
SEDA AFR (Automatic Freon Remover) is a compact and robust “all in one” device which drills in to the compressor of old refrigerators then automatically sucks out the compressor oil along with the environmentally harmful Freon gas.
The activated charcoal filter cleans steams escaping from petrol kulis.
The ATEX-guideline prescribes, how devices must be conceived, in order to be used in explosive atmosphere. The SEDA TankDrillingMaschine fulfills this standard and was examined by an accredited body.
The zinc coated anti slip fluid catchment area not only prevents slipping but also accidentally spilled flammable liquids to become a possible ignition source.
SEDA Umwelttechnik GmbH specialized on draining scrap cars and convince with quality, innovations and years of experience in this business.
CE is a declaration of conformity for SEDA products.
“ELV“ means End of Life Vehicle and describes scrap cars which are intended for disposal.
For cleaning reasons Petrol, Diesel and waste oil are filtered.
The product line of SEDA “GreenPoint” stands for high-quality SEDA products in smaller companies.
SEDA offers different types and dimensions of lifting ramps (mounting vehicles).
Hydraulic devices work with an aggregate and use hydraulic oil for pressure transmission.
This SET contains all you need to evacuate the coolant fluid system of a car.
A compressed-air driven equipment is of elementary importance for the explosion protection and a lot of SEDA products.
A “Kuli” is a mobile storage tank with an own vacuum generator.
Storage tanks keep all fluids taken out of ELVs. All tanks are double walled, prepared with a vacuum leak signal, completely manufactured in steel and firezinked in- and outside.
This system consists the SEDA Tank drilling machine, air powered control unit and six 80 litters kulis with accessories for the efficient removal of waste fluids like gas, petrol, diesel, waste oil, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid and coolant fluid.
The SEDA MultiTester is a multifunctional testing equipment for radiator system pressure and temperature.
This cover cap is a universal product and offers a simple and intelligent solution for the safe sealing of all oil filters.
Pneumatic devices only work with compressed air.
SEDA provide a fast and cost effective solution with its newly SEDA SOG² which features stronger grip pliers, a compact anodized housing and more powerful drilling action.
SEDA plugs are device for sealing of reservoir openings (radiators).
SEDA´s T-REC is the innovative answer to quickly and easily separate tires from wheel rims.
The air powered machine drills in to the vehicles fuel tank sucking out fuel at up to 20 Litres per minute without spilling a drop
The SEDA quality management is certified by TÜV Austria.