E-car & HV accumulator protection

In the event of an accident in a Li-Ion battery with a high energy density, only high-temperature fabrics offer sufficient fire protection and heat protection for the best possible extension of the assistance period.

Brandbegrenzungssdecke titel - SEDA HV Fire Containment Blankets
Brandbegrenzungssdecke titel 300x225 - SEDA HV Fire Containment Blankets


  • made of special high-temperature fabric

  • mineral vermiculite coating on both sides

  • thermal application up to 1,300 °C, melting point 1,600 °C

  • no fiber breakage when exposed to temperature changes (fiberglass ceilings, etc.)

  • open-pored fabric allows the use of extinguishing and sprinkler water (cooling effect)

Item number

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Item number

N-527960 BS-Set-7590-T
N-527961 BS-Set-7590-B
N-527962 BS-Set-6080-T
N-527963 BS-Set-6080-B
N-527964 BS-Set-6080-B-S
N-527965 BS-HV-Set-2730-H-V3
N-527966 BS-HV-Set-2730-H-T-V6

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