Project Description

The HVB dismantling table is used to minimize the risk of fire or overheating of damaged and undamaged HV energy storage units. The HVB dismantling table has a built in reservoir so a battery pack can be submerged for fast and safe cooling when a thermal event occurs.

The HVB dismantling table consists of two parts, first part is where you set down the removed battery pack from the scissor lift, second area is where the battery pack can be dismantled.

Zerlegetisch Titel - Dismantling table with extinguishing pool
Zerlegetisch Titel - Dismantling table with extinguishing pool


  • Risk minimization in case of overheating

  • Automatic release

  • Rapid lowering into the extinguishing pool

  • U-Attachment frame with rollers for battery transport

Item number

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Item number

N-527795 SEDA Dismantling table with extinguishing pool
Additional equipment
N-527764 Lifting table with hand lift function
N-527706 Lifting table with hydraulic pump

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