On March 20-22, 2019, the largest annual forum in Europe with an exhibition for recycling “Moscow International Recycling Expo” took place in Moscow. Approxemediately 1000 delegates from 35 countries of the world took part. The event is a significant event for the recycling industry and is gaining increasing scale and weight with regard to government environmental objectives and market growth. The business program included the 15th international forum “Scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals” and the 4th Eurasian Congress “Solutions for waste electronic and electrical equipment”.

More than 100 exhibitors were expected, each company woud be given the opportunity to present. The initiative organizing committee of the international exhibition on recycling and recycling includes the largest associations of Russia in the field of recycling of scrap and waste of metals, electronics and electrical engineering, waste paper, rubber and plastics. As well as representatives of public and commercial organizations from Japan and Europe.

In the video below you can see, among other things, the final great show in terms of the fight of good against evil ….

SEDA Partner Russia:

MIR 3 - SEDA Umwelttechnik at the MIR Expo 2019 in Moskow

SEDA Umwelttechnik presented itself to the international public at the MIR Expo 2019 …

MIR 1 - SEDA Umwelttechnik at the MIR Expo 2019 in Moskow

Main sections of the MIR Expo 2019:

mir logo 1 - SEDA Umwelttechnik at the MIR Expo 2019 in Moskow

• Recycling industry Today: the best enterprises and technologies for processing of scrap metal, waste paper, plastic, rubber, glass, building debris, textiles
• metallized raw Materials, briquettes
• Gold from Trash. Recycling of household and electronic equipment.
• Garbage taxi “clean up!”: geo-social service.
• Banks of the future. Ecological settlement account of the person.
• Garbage in 100 years: the recycling industry is twice as much as the production sector.
• Low-carbon energy: energy from waste, wind and solar.
• Electric vehicles: When the oil is over. Auto concerns are eco-leaders.
• Reclamation of industrial lands: Technologies for processing of waste and oil sludge
• Countries without waste: economy with 100% recycling.
• Science and vocational education in the field of ecology: Universities and Institutes of RAS.
• Industry associations and mass media.
• Public policy. Strategy. Regional recycling clusters, environmental charges, etc.

The business program envisaged holding the largest in Europe 15th International Forum “Scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals 2019”, Eurasian Congress on the processing of electric waste, international conference on the Market of waste paper, Practical seminar On disposal of building debris, plenary sessions on recycling plastics, etc. And also solemn opening ceremony with participation of officials, awarding of leaders of the All-Russian rating of processors of production and consumption waste, signing of international memorandums and agreements, speeches of key players of the market.

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Some Impressions …