We would like to celebrate ADD-Benelux joining SEDA Distributors’ family to focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg!

ADD-Benelux will take care of delivery, service and maintenance of Seda depollution stations and vehicle dismantling equipment.

The support of ADD-Benelux in the Netherlands is especially important since almost all SEDA stations have been handed over by ARN to the Dutch dismantlers, who are now themselves responsible for proper use & maintenance.

Nancy and Jhonny have a clear plan for the future. “In the long term, we want to advance in dismantling of electric vehicles. To achieve this goal, we will take part in training courses at SEDA in Austria. SEDA offers now hybrid depollution & dismantling stations that can handle both ICE cars and electric vehicles with high-voltage accumulators. We are on the right track”.


ADD 1 - SEDA welcomes a NEW Distributor for Benelux

Jhonny and Nancy