Safe storage of lithium-ion accumulators

SEDA HV Battery Container ensures safe storage of critical and non- critical electric vehicle accumulators in temperature-controlled, monitored compartments that can be flooded in case of thermal runaway.

Container mit 6 Faechern 3 - SEDA HV Container
Hv Container 4 Faecher - SEDA HV Container
Hv Container 6 Faecher - SEDA HV Container


  • Storage of critical & non critical LI Io batteries

  • 4 compartments with cooling, extinguishing & flooding system for damaged batteries

  • 4 compartments for storing undamaged LI IO batteries

  • Refillable water containers

  • Stand-alone system

  • Can also be installed in cold areas – cooling antifreeze

Item number

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Item number

N-527915 SEDA HV Battery
Container Standard 4 compartments
N-527916 SEDA HV Battery
Container High Cube 6 compartments

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Info sheet

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