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Project Description

The SEDA HV container for vehicle batteries ensures safe storage against underlining dangers from defective and non-defective electric batteries.

The stationary container has 4 floodable compartments controled by internal sprinklers for defective batteries or for batteries with underlining dangers.
When a battery reacts this chamber is exposed to very high tem- peratures. If this chamber exceeds 80 ° C, the sprinkler system activates flooding the chambers with water stored above the container.

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Technical details
Hv Container Intro - SEDA HV Container
Hv Container Intro - SEDA HV Container


  • Storage of critical & non critical LI Io batteries

  • 4 compartments with cooling, extinguishing & flooding system for damaged batteries

  • 4 compartments for storing undamaged LI IO batteries

  • Refillable water containers

  • Stand-alone system

  • Can also be installed in cold areas – cooling antifreeze

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527745 SEDA HV Container

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