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Project Description

The patented SEDA E-CAR safety blanket ensures the safe storage and transport of electric vehicles with defective or damaged batteries.

All electric vehicles and vehicles with a hazardous energy source or self-ignitable components must be transported safely to an electric vehicle specialist.
In this case the SEDA e-car security blanket is the best solution for recovery services, fire brigade, accident repair centres, workshops and more.

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Elektro Fahrzeug Sicherheitshülle Intro - SEDA E-CAR-Security Blanket
Elektro Fahrzeug Sicherheitshülle Intro - SEDA E-CAR-Security Blanket


  • Safe transport & storage of defective electric vehicles on all trailers and recovery vehicles.

  • Specially developed for e-cars with lithium ion batteries

  • Suitable for all common electric vehicles

  • Special fire-resistant material

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N-527696 SEDA E-Car Security Blanket

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