SEDA MultiPlex

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Project Description

The new SEDA MultiPlex is used to trigger all pyrotechnic components in vehicles.

The SEDA MultiPlex is suitable for all vehicles. Universal PIN cables make it possible to connect the tool to various vehicle controllers. Additional adapters are not necessary. The tool can be powered by either a standard rechargeable battery or via cable connector to a car battery. The controller detonates the pyrotechnic components with a two-finger safety system and displays all of the airbags present. Before connecting, ensure that the vehicle is free of voltage, all batteries and auxiliary batteries are disconnected and the battery terminals of the battery are short-circuited.

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Technical details
multiplex Vorschau min - SEDA MultiPlex
multiplex Vorschau min - SEDA MultiPlex


  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Universal pin cable
  • No adapter needed
  • 2-Finger Security System

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Item number

52661-AK Battery-version incl. Charging device
52661-ST Cable-version with power supply via car battery

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Info sheet

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