As a longtime partner of ARN, SEDA Umwelttechnik was able to present new products for the Dutch market at this year’s conference on October 31, 2019.
In addition to drainage systems, these included special dismantling systems and new tank depots that were on display at the outdoor area.

In particular, the lively exchange with car recyclers was very interesting, special attention was paid to the optimization of the auto-recycling process.

Further contents of the conference:
• Reuse in the elevator
• From linear to circular thinking
• Disassembly, collection and processing of lithium batteries
• Make your business more sustainable with approved measures

Link: ARN

ARN 2019 Vorschau - RELATION DAYS at ARN with SEDA

SEDA presented itself at the Relations Days in Holland.

At the conference …

At the outdoor area …