SEDA Umwelttechnik once again attended IARC 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium. This international trade fair provided a platform for discussing current developments and challenges in the circular economy and automotive recycling.

High-Caliber Audience and Comprehensive Range of Topics

Around 200 participants from the automotive and recycling industries gathered in Antwerp. Among them were renowned car manufacturers, metal suppliers, plastic scrap dealers, recyclers, shredder operators, and policymakers. The event thus offered an ideal opportunity for exchange and networking between all industry players.

In addition to an informative exhibition, conferences were also held to address current challenges and approaches to end-of-life vehicle recycling. Both the specific conditions in Europe and global trends and developments were taken into account. In this context, IARC sees itself as a unique meeting place exclusively dedicated to the topic of automotive recycling.

Link: ICM

IARC 24 2 - IARC 2024 - Meeting Point for the International Automotive Recycling Industry

Factory Tour at our customer Van der Ven in Roosendaal, the largest car recycler in the Netherlands

Venyard – Self-Service Auto Parts