The EWEEES is the efficient key-platform for opportunities, solutions and challenges in the EAEU; for maintaining and developing the important economic contacts with the authorities, producers, recyclers, scientists, associations, NGO’s and media.
The fastest growing part of municipal solid waste stream contains old electrical and electronic goods and has valuable waste (gold, silver, copper, aluminium, iron) but also toxic heavy metals and compounds.

The EAEU is a new and fast growing recycling market and generates about *1’500’000 tonn of WEEE per year with a value over 400’000’000 Euro per year.

The main topics of the Congress were:
Implementation amd solutions of the Eco Fee, WEEE situation in the EAEU, legislation and standards, Best Available Technologies for recycling, PCB recycling, collecting and win valuables and build up the market for recycled secondary material.

Titel 1 - 3. Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions 2018 in Moskau

At the congress …