SEDA Distributor in Greece ERE Recycling (Green Industry, Machinery, Tools & Equipment) took part in the 5th International Exhibition “Verde.tec – Environmental Technologies” at the Mediterranean Exhibition Centre (MEC) on 17th – 19th March, 2023.

The trade show was held to bring together members of the recycling industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss latest environmental technologies, circular economy and smart cities.

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Verde.tec .2 - Trade Show "Verde.tec - Environmental Technologies"  in Athens, GR

On this occasion SEDA is welcoming Ms. Margarita Moustou – a new member of ERE Recycling (SEDA Distributor in Greece) and wishes her a success in a new career field!


Verde.tec .1 - Trade Show "Verde.tec - Environmental Technologies"  in Athens, GR

ERE presented itself at the “Verde.tec – Environmental Technologies” trade fair

“My name is Margarita Moustou and I am a new member of ERE, a company that represents Seda in Greece. Last week I had the opportunity to participate at the Verde Tec event, where we interacted with lot of people and I got to take a look at the companies there. Overall, it was an amazing experience, the people were very friendly and with incredible backgrounds and stories to tell. We talked with Mr. Ioannis Smyrlis (Alykon Car Recycling Center), Ms. Sophie Chouma and Ms. Matina Ziogou  (Re-Battery) and other business partners.
Recycling is a very important industry, and it was great to see how much people care about it. Even though it took a lot of preparation and lot of hours, I would gladly do it again”.