This is OUR job.
We are giving a big sign with the brand „Leading Company of Austria“:
We present our service-conscious and valuable company to our customers.

As a member of the Leading Company the whole team of „SEDA“ is taking a strong commitment:
We want to be the first one in the customers head. We offer the best quality in terms of services every day, with dedication and engagement. Our goal is to excite and satisfy our customers. This is the reason why we are the best choice for our customers.
We know, outstanding services are more significant than ever. It is the one of the most important growth drivers. Only satisfied employees can fulfill our goal. So we are taking care about good working conditions.
We decided to show the brand „Leading Company“ with all the values, all over the world. If every employee agrees and also lives our firstprincipe: „We keep our promises to the customers!“ we can fulfill our goal as a leading company in terms of services.

We take responsibility for our customers, to become a bigger success as a team for the future – no matter what department and position we are working.

Leitbetr.EN  - SEDA is a Leading Company Austria!

The service brand „Leading Company of Austria“ is only for companies like us whose focus is to offer outstanding services.
As a customer, you expect us to be attentive and ambitious, creative and competent, friendly and commited. You as a customer are our focus. We show this with a clear sign: with the brand „Leading Company of Austria”.
This protected brand is reserved exclusively for member companies of the „Leading Company of Austria“. As a part of it we are taking several commitments.

You as a customer receive more than standard service from us:
• We belong to an exclusive circle of particulary service-orientated companies.
• The number of members is limited. Only the best companies of Austria in terms of service can participate.
• We use our quality in terms of services as an important unique feature.
• We know, that service & quality for the growth of our business is more important than ever, and we act accordingly to it.
• We are constantly dealing with the customers satisfaction to improve it even further.
• We don‘t just talk about above-average services, we live it, and we permanently implement special measures.
• We provide our services transparently and vividly on the web.

Look for the brand: „Leading Company of Austria“ –
the one reliable sign for companiesLeitbetrieb Austria web vorschau - SEDA is a Leading Company Austria!
in which you as a customer are the boss!