The IARC 2021 took place from June 23-25, 2021 in Geneva (Switzerland) on-site and online.

Also this year, SEDA Umwelttechnik was represented at this event by Managing Director Rainer Dagn and Marketing Director Sebastian Raubinger. After the corona-related cancellations in the previous year, this was the first trade fair for SEDA in a long time that did not only take place virtually.

Electric vehicles and the associated recycling was the central theme of this event.

The world market leader celebrated a strong international presence with an exhibition stand, a lecture and a factory tour of a SEDA customer in Switzerland.

More Details:

IARC 2021 5 - SEDA at IARC 2021 in Geneva

SEDA Umwelttechnik GmbH presented itself again this year at the 20th IARC in Geneva.


Theme: Electric vehicle recycling for ATFs – changes and opportunities?
Speaker: Sebastian Raubinger


Jill Ledger and Sebastian Raubinger speaking about this years IARC 2021.

At the congress

Factory tour of Thevenaz-Leduc in Lausanne