Project Description

The SEDA VehicleTrolley has been specially designed to work with SEDA TiltingLifts in order to facilitate forklift-free handling, available in three versions.

The robust construction with 4 stable wheels (incl. stop function) and the special guide rails of the trolley, featured in all SEDA tilting ramps and tilting lifts, are unique features of the equipment which allow for one-person handling.

Trolley 3 Modelle web - SEDA VehicleTrolley V18
Vorteile EN Fahrzeugtrolley TL min - SEDA VehicleTrolley V18


  • Forklift-free maneuvering

  • Easy to postition

  • Solid wheels with stop mode

  • For use on tilting lifts and single column lifts

  • Seperate workstation

  • Special versions – also for new cars

Item number

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Item number

N-527625 SEDA Vehicle trolley V18 Standard
N-527626 SEDA Vehicle trolley V18 Standard with cross strive
N-527627 SEDA Vehicle trolley V18 Standard with underbody support

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Info sheet

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