Project Description

The MDS2 Platform TL-2 is a further development of the SEDA KippLift TL-2 1800 with a unique lifting and tilting feature.

It is easy to place a car with a forklift on the system. Than a hydraulic safety arm fixes the vehicle. The fixing arm can be adapted by various optional plug-in devices for all popular car models. Afterwards the vehicle is ready to turn up to 75° in order to help a worker to stand upright and work on the vehicles underside. The vehicle can be raised up to 1800 mm.

MDS2 PF TL 2 intro - SEDA MDS2 Platform TL-2
MDS2 PF TL 2 intro - SEDA MDS2 Platform TL-2


  • Dismantling and de-pollution

  • Mobile complete solution

  • High safety standard with CE and ATEX certification

  • Adjustable to 75°

  • Lifting hight up to 1800 mm

  • Hydraulic control system

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A-527609 SEDA MDS2 Platform TL-2 with dismantling swingarm
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