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Project Description

SEDA offers three complete testing kits which fulfill exactly the needs of the customer.

Our customers and partners include not only recycling businesses and major organisations, but also well-known companies in the automotive industry.

You can order all 3 versions online:

5-Star Tester
5 Star Tester Intro min 300x300 - SEDA TestingCases
Multitester Intro min 300x300 - SEDA TestingCases


  • Multiple ways to build up pressure
  • Several tests in one operational step
  • Adapter for different car manufacturers
  • On request we can also assemble a case individually

Item number

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Item number

S-19250 5–Star–Tester
S-19255 Multitester
S-19260 PraktikerCase

Info sheet

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Info sheet

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