Project Description

The catalyst is one of the most profitable parts of an end-of-life vehicle. With the mobile stand from SEDA you can remove this as well as doors and roofs in a few seconds.

The SEDA Mobile 360, which is available in addition to the catalyst shears has been optimized and improved for the needs of recycling companies.This allows for easy movement of the cutters and thus makes the application considerably easier. This increases efficiency and helps prevent injury or damage.

MobStand360 Intro - SEDA Mobile Stand MSE 360_V17
MSE info Standardversion - SEDA Mobile Stand MSE 360_V17


  • Blades are easy to replace

  • 360° rotation

  • Compact design

  • Mobile with wheels

  • Powerpack and battery option

  • One-man operation

Item number

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Item number

S-50354-17 SEDA Mobile Stand 360 Standard (without cutter, basket, handholds, aggregate, plate )
ALTERNATIVE: S-50036 SEDA Mobile Stand 360 for RSX105, RSX130, RSX165

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Info sheet

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