Project Description

Discharging the Li-ion batteries is an important part of the recycling chain, especially defusing the sources of danger is important for the user, as the dangerous voltages (> 60 VDC) are reduced.

In addition, the transport costs are reduced because the legal requirements for the transport are reduced.

The yield of the battery recycler is also higher because it does not have to discharge the cells itself.

HV Baterie Entladeger.Titel - SEDA HV Battery Discharger
HV Baterie Entladeger.Titel - SEDA HV Battery Discharger


  • Safe and easy to use

  • Efficient unloading

  • Inexpensive

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Item number

N-527881 SEDA Battery Discharger 24V
SEDA Battery Discharger 48V
SEDA Battery Discharger 96V

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