Project Description

Safe Storage & Transport of (Non-)Critical Li-ion Batteries

SEDA HV BAT-Box is BAM certified, assigned for ADR transporting of critical HV-batteries, capacity up to 120 kW.
A Hörbiger-valve is used to relieve pressure.

HV BAT Box Titel - SEDA HV BAT-Box
HV BAT Box Titel - SEDA HV BAT-Box


  • BAM-certification, suitable for ADR transporting

  • designed for the biggest electric vehicle HV-batteries currently available on the market

  • neutralization of the emerging harmful fumes

  • absorption and dissipation of the thermal energy

  • prevention of fluid spill, restraint of fire, no blasted pieces

  • no dusting absorbing fillers

  • extendable runway

  • stackable and lockable

  • can be transported on a trailer or 5.5 ton truck

Item number

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Item number

L-527793 SEDA HV BAT-Box

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Info sheet

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