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Immediate extinguishing encapsulation and damping down of combustible materials on fire and flammable gases

F-500 Extinguisher is used in class-A fires, especially for synthetic materials such as burning lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles, rubber tyres, plastic.

Titel 1 - F-500 Pressure Fire Extinguishers
Feuerl.3x - F-500 Pressure Fire Extinguishers


  • Very powerful cooling effect

  • Non-hazardous, completely bio-degradable fire-suppression agent

  • Large throw range: 5-6 m

  • No impairment of visibility when fighting a fire

  • Positive pressure protecti- ve mechanism (to combat overpressure in response to higher temperatures)

  • Welded, coated, filled, corrosion-protected, tested

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F-500 Pressure Fire Extinguisher

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