SEDA DrainBox

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Project Description

The new cost effective SEDA ELV de-pollution system is the ideal solution for
automotive recyclers with limited space.

The DrainBox fulfills requirements with its compact size for the needs of small recyclers and fits perfectly into existing processes and automations. It consists of a vehicle rack, a housing with 6 double diaphragm pumps for all fluids and filters as well as a TankDrillingMachine and a swingarm with an oil funnel.

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Technical details
DrainBox vorschau - SEDA DrainBox
DrainBox Vorteile EN - SEDA DrainBox


  • Combination of vehicle rack and de-pollution system
  • Space-saving and clean
  • Ready for immediate use thanks to the preinstalled technology
  • Integrated workbench
  • Easiest use
  • Flexible and safe
  • Explosion proof (ATEX)

Item number

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Item number

P-50140 SEDA DrainBox  ELV drainage station
P-50141 SEDA DrainBox PLUS ELV drainage station with 2 additional foldable catchment areas

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Info sheet

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