Project Description

The SEDA TiltingLift TL-2 1800 is a further development of the SEDA TiltingRamp, now with a unique lifting and tilting feature, in 230 Volt- or 400 Volt-Version, giving you full and easy access for the dismantling of the vehicle.

It is easy to place a car into the system. Secured by a hydraulic safety arm on the top, the car is ready to turn 70° in order to help a worker to stand upright and work on the car bottom easily.
Furthermore it is possible to lift the car up to 1850 mm.

kippLift1800of vorschau min 300x225 - SEDA TiltingLift TL-2 1800
kippLift1800of intro min - SEDA TiltingLift TL-2 1800


  • For easy and ergonomic working on car bottom
  • No elaborate sinking into the ground necessary
  • Adjustable to 70 °
  • Lifting height 1800 mm

  • Hydraulic control system
  • High quality steel construction
  • Rugged and robust

Item number

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Item number

N-527800 SEDA TiltingLift 1800 – 400 Volt
N-527801 SEDA TiltingLift 1800 – 230 Volt

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Info sheet

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