Project Description

The SEDA SingleStation V18 is the most advanced and efficient end-of-life vehicle (ELV) drainage system on the market.

A modern drainage system must satisfy individual demands and fit in seamlessly with existing processes and automations. The SEDA SingleStation is a fully integrated system with some of the countless advantages from the use of powerful suction pumps in combination with the certified SEDA TankDrilling-Machine. Customers appreciate the large, unobstructed area of operation, the endlessly field-tested, proven reliability or simply the incredible range of accessories allowing countless variation possibilities. The SEDA SingleStation achieves a productivity rate of 40 cars per day.

SingleStation Intro - SEDA SingleStation
Vorteile 400x300 - SEDA SingleStation


  • Superior quality
  • Air powered
  • Individual equipment and optional extensions possible

  • Double station as well
  • Easy use
  • Explosion proof ATEX certificated

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Item number

A-50013-V18 SEDA SingleStation V18 – ELV drainage system

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Info sheet

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