Project Description

The new SEDA JumboLine series includes:

  1. SEDA MDS2 Platform JumboLine: mobile scrap car drainage system with platform and vehicle ramp
  2. SEDA JumboTower: stationary scrap car drainage system with vehicle ramp
  3. SEDA JumboLine VehicleRamp: car ramp solo
Jumboline intro min - SEDA MDS2 Plattform JumboLine
Jumboline beschreibung min e1427870503496 - SEDA MDS2 Plattform JumboLine

MDS2 Platform JumboLine

1 – Tank drilling machine H.D.
2 – Vehicle ramp Typ Jumbo
3 – Fuel quality control unit
4 – Fuel control
5-9 – Double diaphragm pumps for Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Coolant fluid, and windscreenwater
10 – Vacuum kuli for brakefluid
11 – Steel housing for pumps, tools, hose reels and filters
12 – Swing arm for tank drill
13 – Swing arm for waste oil with double rubber funnel unit
14 – Steel platform zinc coated with gratings


  • Mobile complete solution

  • High safety standard with CE and ATEX certification

  • Compact design

  • Built-in pumps

  • Solid welded galvanized platform

  • Galvanized safety gratings

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A-528197 SEDA MDS2 platform JumboLine
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