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Project Description

The BlastBox is a unique system for the detonation of pyrotechnic elements in ELVs , e.g. airbags and seatbelt tensioners:

It is both simple and easy-to-use. Just stick the cable into the socket on the controller to connect it to the vehicle. The instrument first tests the circuits, and then the pyrotechnic elements are detonated with a remote controller.

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Technical details
BlastBox Vorschau min 300x225 - SEDA BlastBox
BlastBox Intro min 222x300 - SEDA BlastBox


  • No additional adaptors necessary
  • Safe remote deployment
  • Compact box, easy transport
  • Simple handling and functionality
  • Universal pin cables for all vehicle types
  • Software update option

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52650  SEDA BlastBox

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