SEDA WindscreenCutter

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Project Description

The SEDA WindscreenCutter is a “must have“ in modern Recycling companies.

This special SEDA tool is a fast and easy solution to remove windscreens from cars. With our special milling technology a shattering tool is not necessary. The risk of laceration from broken glass is down to almost zero.

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Technical details
WS Schneider Intro min - SEDA WindscreenCutter
WS Schneider Intro min - SEDA WindscreenCutter


  • Pneumatic or electric
  • Special milling technology
  • Easy handling, fast and strong
  • Suitable for laminated glass screens of cars, trucks, busses, trains, etc.
  • Safe with no dust and no shards
  • Including a vacuum cleaning system
  • Vacuum unit with storage container included.

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Item number

L-52370 SEDA WindscreenCutter electrical
L-52371 SEDA WindscreenCutter pneumatical

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Info sheet

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