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Project Description

Dismantling companies need equipment which support their work process. The new SEDA VehicleTiltingRamp moves the car, not the worker.

It is easy to place a car onto the system. Secured by a hydraulic safety arm on the top, the car is ready to turn 90° in order to help a worker to stand upright and work on the bottom of the vehicle easily. This unit offers a safe and efficient dismantling of ELVs. Once tried you will never want to work without it!
This device combined with a platform and our dismantling swingarm offers you more ways to work in a highly professional and industrial way.

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Technical details
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  • Hydraulic control system
  • For easy and ergonomic working on car bottom
  • Mobile platform for easy placement
  • Additional tools can be integrated on swingarm
  • Rugged and robust
  • Proven SEDA Quality Product

Item number

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Item number

N-527493-H SEDA VehicleTiltingRamp
N-527496 SEDA Platform
N-527497-T18 SEDA Dismantling Swing Arm  (without Tools)
N-527213  SEDA Steel Catchment Area (Typ B)

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Info sheet

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