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Project Description

Dismantling of trucks, buses or other heavy vehicles are increasingly important for recyclers worldwide. Together with them, SEDA developed new solutions.

Old trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles have other requirements for its recycling than cars. To empty trucks without lifting platforms properly of diesel, used oil and other fluids, the SEDA drilling device has been specially adapted. Adjusted underneath the tank, the extraction is done after the drilling process automatically.

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Technical details
SEDA TruckStation ED-G
TruckStation EDG Vorschau min - SEDA TruckStation ED-G


  • No lifting equipment necessary
  • Explosion proofed tankdrilling unit
  • Spill-free suction with vacuum
  • Residue tank emptying
  • All connections are pre-installed
  • Simultaneous collecting different liquid
  • Strong, low maintenance double diaphragm pumps

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A-51072-EDG  SEDA TruckStation ED-G
A-51072  SEDA TruckStation ED

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