SEDA ANC – AirbagNeutralizationCabin

///SEDA ANC – AirbagNeutralizationCabin
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Project Description

SEDA’s newest development makes the safe deployment of dismantled airbags possible.

With its optional suction device, the Neutralization Cabinet now makes it possible to neutralize passenger restraint systems (airbags and seatbelt tensioners) with reduced noise levels and without particulate residue.

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Technical Details
ANC Intro - SEDA ANC - AirbagNeutralizationCabin
ANC Vorteile EN - SEDA ANC - AirbagNeutralizationCabin


  • Secure neutralizing
  • Dust-free and silenced
  • Safety lock
  • Easy to use
  • Connector for 3 times airbag neutralization
  • Filter ventilation or exhaust pipe to the outside
  • Integrated counter

Item number

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Item number

N-52680 SEDA Airbag-Neutralization Cabin
N-52692 Exhaust fan
N-52689 Exhaust hose
N-52696 Airbag preparation table
N-52687 SEDA Antistatik-Set
Alternative Device:
N-52660 SEDA Multiplex

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Info sheet

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