SEDA AirbagMaster

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Project Description

The AirbagMaster is an universal air bag activating device supported by all ACEA members.

For the first time ever, there is now a collective tool from all members of the ACEA for on-board airbag detonation. The AirbagMaster has been specially developed for the recycling industry and serves to detonate all pyrotechnic components in vehicles in a safe, controlled manner. It prevents un-detonated components from getting into the melting furnace. It also works with components by which an optical examination doesn’t provide information after detonation, e.g. 2-step bags or seatbelt load limiters.

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SEDA AirbagMaster
SEDA AirbagMaster


  • Applicable for all car types
  • Optical and visual control
  • Display of each ignition process
  • Easy transport and use
  • Easy handling and functionality
  • Universal ignition cable for all vehicles

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Item number

52610  SEDA AirbagMaster
52611  SEDA AirbagMaster Eco upgrade set to pro

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Info sheet

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