Mobile systems for ELV drainage

If stationary systems are not desirable, mobile systems are the alternative. These can be relocated depending on need and operating conditions. Mobile systems are moveable, available on a platform or in a container. The containers are fitted with a roof and are especially suited for outdoor applications. The systems come equipped with special drip trays ensuring liquids are collected and can be disposed of properly and have special forklift openings.


The MDS DrainBox is a roll-off container, in which the SEDA DrainBox is integrated. The container consists of a vehicle rack with fully connected case [...]

SEDA TruckStation Mobile

For trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles SEDA developed a new solution, designed specifically for junkyard operators.

SEDA JumboLine MDS2

The SEDA JumboLine MDS2 is a mobile scrap car drainage system with platform and vehicle ramp.

SEDA MDS2 Platform

The SEDA’s MDS2 Platform and the whole MDS series (mobile drainage systems) offer many opportunities for car dismantlers.

SEDA MDS3 Container

The MDS3 Container is one of the most efficient mobile scrap car drainage systems.

SEDA MDS4 Platform

The MDS4 Platform consists of a hydraulic 3.5 ton lifting ramp as well as the SEDA DrainTower.

SEDA MDS6 Container

The MDS6 Container is the newest container system of SEDA and provides an All-in-One solution for a mobile de-pollution of End-of-Life Vehicles.

SEDA 4-Fluid Station

One strong vacuum pump, 4 tanks and all necessary depolluting tools are integrated in this system. Powered by an electric vacuum pump, the 4-Fluid Sta [...]

SEDA Mobile

The SEDA Mobile represents the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solution for draining all fluids from „End of Life“ vehicles in a mobile way.

SEDA MDS5-Star Container

The MDS5-Star Container is the flagship of the SEDA MDS (Mobile Drainage System) series.