SEDA equipment and devices for the drainage of end-of-life vehicles lead the way worldwide.

Stations & Devices

SEDA has revolutionised issues such as explosion protection, reliability, simple and safe handling. Integrating SEDA equipment in existing processes and expandable elements provide flexibility.



The topic “dismantling” of end-of-life vehicles is more important than ever in the future.


Too many recyclables are installed in automobiles that are not only valuable, but also can be used in the production of new cars. SEDA provides numerous dismantling tools and equipment.


Special Tools

Our highly rated special tools range make car recycling even more professional.

Tools and more

Specialised devices including a CableCutter, a refrigerant recycling machine or a CableShredder round out our comprehensive range for recycling facilities, workshops and rescue services.


Testing Equipment

SEDA testing equipment such as our radiator or Co² testers are in use around the world.

Radiator Recycling etc.

Multi-functional testing systems and proven pressure testers form an integral part of the SEDA product range, and have been relied on for many years now by companies including Daimler, MAN and Würth.


Complete Recycling Line

Recycling Linie Vorschau-minFor companies with dismantling rates of 5.000 up to 18.000 vehicles per year SEDA and cooperation partner Re-source Engineering Solutions offer an all-in-one solution.

Car Dismantler Software

Optimize your working processes in car dismantling through the use of a professional software solution (up2date RecyclerEdition) and focus on online sales.